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FireFly is one of the largest manufacturers of sport and commercial hot air balloons in the world. The company is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated state-of-the-art forms of mankind's oldest and safest method of flight.

FireFly is located in the beautiful Brushy Mountains of Western North Carolina, which is deeply steeped in the time honored traditions of textile and furniture craftsmanship. Since two of the most important components of modern hot air balloons are the hand inlaid and sewn envelopes and the carefully crafted wicker and rattan carriage, the craftsman is the heart of the finished product. Piedmont North Carolina is uniquely qualified to spawn a wealth of highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

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What makes FireFly the leading balloon manufacturer?

We build balloons that are a joy to fly!

They are easy to operate, economical to own and maintain, and the most beautiful aircraft to ever grace the skies.
FireFly pilots experience the true joy of ballooning every time they embark on an adventure.

Climb aboard a FireFly balloon and you'll be amazed at the craftmanship, attention to detail, and stunning design features.

We invite you to explore why FireFly balloons are prefered by pilots of every type, from weekend sport pilots to full time passenger operations:

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