FireFly Envelope

FireFly balloons envelopes are designed like no other on the market. Starting with the durable maXflite silicone coated ripstop nylon, to the Flex-Net construction, you'll see and feel a marked difference in the FireFly balloon envelope.

FireFly uses maXflite silicone coated ripstop nylon for all it's systems. No need for a more durable, heavier fabric to make your balloons top last longer, maXflite is the answer. The envelope is constructed using the patented Flex-Net construction. A simple solution to assembly that makes the FireFly envelope less expensive to repair and maintain. The replacement of panels is a snap with Flex-Net!

Parachute valveAll FireFly envelopes also come standard with the FireFly Parachute valve, it is by far the most ingenious approach to date, for envelope deflation Its normal resting position is closed and only operates by deliberate and continuous action. It is automatically re-sealable, irrespective of how many times the valve has been used, and no action is required in closing other than letting go of the valve line. Capable of proportional valving for small adjustments to vertical flights or for releasing huge amounts of air for deflation. Another simple FireFly solution to a ballooning problem.

FireFly Balloon Components:

Envelope - Baskets - Mirage Burner - Fans - FireFly Special Shapes

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