Mirage Burner

Developed as an alternative to the FireFly T-3 Burner in the 1990's, the Mirage soon became the standard in ballooning for which all other burners were compared. With its unique design, whisper quiet flame and unsurpassed power, to this day no other burner can compete.

Mirage burner

The Mirage comes as standard equipment on all FireFly systems. On our larger systems ranging from the 120,00 cu.ft. to our 280,000 cu.ft. systems dual Mirage burners are standard equipment.

The Mirage burner has a built in redundant burner called Fire 2. Fire 2, runs independently from the standard Mirage burner. In the unlikely event of a main burner or hose failure, the Mirage can be operated with ease using the Fire 2 backup system. Running on liquid alone the Fire 2 is also great for Glows!

Stainless steel encloses the Inconel coils providing extra heat to vaporize the propane and add to the efficiency of the burner. Inconel is used for the coils due to the fact that it doesn't break down over time from being heated over and over. It is more costly than stainless but well worth the price.

With three simple clips the burner is mounted in the uprights making it the easiest burner to install and remove from your FireFly system.

Mirage burner

FireFly Balloon Components:

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