special shapes


Nothing catches the eye quite like a special shape hot air balloon. FireFly engineers and graphic designers will create a unique and attention grabbing statement for your company or an expression of your personality. Whether you would like something really special to fly at rallies or a product replica many thousands of times larger than life, we have the experience and creativity to build a special shape balloon for you.

Trucks, cars, bumblebees, ladybugs, turtles, water bottles, beer cans, boom box radios, clowns, light bulbs, Tony the Tiger Hot Air Balloon, Tom of Tom and Jerry fame, football helmets, sea serpents, Humpty Dumpty Upside Down, and Shamrocks are just a few of the special shape hot air balloons that FireFly has created.

Most FireFly special shape and appendaged balloons are FAA type certified and are delivered to you with a Standard Airworthiness Certificate. Designed and test flown in the US, these giant advertising balloons have proven their effectiveness as creative marketing tools and attention grabbers.

If you or your company has an idea for a special hot air balloon, contact us. We would be happy to provide a quote for your consideration. If the quote fits your budget we'll provide a rendering of your dream.

FireFly Balloon Components:

Envelope - Baskets - Mirage Burner - Fans - FireFly Special Shapes

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