Ride Balloons

Firefly Balloons offers many different balloons to fit any hot air balloon ride company. Choose from our 24 gore Firefly 8 105,000 cuft all the way up to our 36 gore Firefly 12B 280,000 cuft. We have a full selection of ride carriages to fit our balloons, or we have most of the STC's for other manufacturer's carriages.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Baskets

Ride Basket
FireFly hot air balloon ride baskets are quite unique.

Unlike all other rectangular baskets, the FireFly baskets do not have a stainless steel frame with steel cable suspension. The 4048, 4860 and 5468 use rattan frames. The 6072, 6096 and 60120 have a superstructure made of 2 kinds of extremely strong glass fiber tubing and non-conductive suspension ropes! Filament wound 2 inch glass tubing forms the top rail structure.

Triangulated pultruded glass tubing is used in the superstructure and burner supports. This frame is then woven with vertical weave and colorful wicker accents and padded with luxurious suede or smooth leather.

The baskets have steps for ease of entry for passengers, interior handholds and lifting straps to allow winching in and out of trailers. The result is an enormously strong, non-conductive basket.

There are 3 sizes available. The 60 x 72 inch T- partition has 2 passenger compartments each holding 3 or 4 passengers. The 60 x 96 and 60 x 120 baskets have 4 passenger compartments, each holding 3 or 4 passengers. Each basket has a separate pilot compartment with a pilot platform, 2 Mirage burners directly overhead, a cross-over dash panel for ease of fuel management and 6 fuel tanks.

System Details

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