Sport Balloons

FireFy Balloons offers a large array of sport hot air balloons. Whether its the 12 Gore Firefly 6B(56,000 cuft),or if you want to move up to the 18 Gore Firefly 8B(90,000 cuft), we can fit the perfect system to your needs. Our exclusive 45 degree, spiral and semi-spiral cuts can make your balloon really stand out in the crowd. Plus, no balloon on the market is easier to assemble and fly!


Use our online designer to choose the colors for your own balloon:
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Choose your balloon, pick the options you want for your dream system and print out your personalized quote:
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System Details

Discover what makes a FireFly balloon the choice of more pilots:
  • Envelope
  • Baskets
  • Mirage Burner
  • Fans
  • FireFly Special Shapes
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