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FireFly Balloons has manufactured hundreds of envelopes for corporations around the world. Kellogg's, General Motors, Forbes, American Express, Seagram's, Coors, Schlitz are just a few of the multi-national corporations flying their logos on FireFly Hot Air Balloons. Products and services as diverse as housing developments, banking, mortgages, prescription drugs, dry cleaning, every flavor of beverage, shoes and shoe stores, hospitals and doctors fly FireFly balloons.

FireFly Program Management Office is the only factory-based full service management of hot air balloons programs from concept through to pilot services.

Free Primer

For an overview of what hot air balloon advertising can do for you or your company, request your copy of the “Primer for the potential hot air balloon advertiser”. This guide provides a light hearted and basic explanation of what hot air balloons may do for your advertising and marketing.
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Special Shapes

FireFly special shape balloons are a fantastic way to turn heads and capture the public's attention.

Discover the marketing potential of your own special shape:
Special Shape Balloons

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